Free Harsh Reality From WordPress Jail!!

Good Morning,

I found out yesterday that one of my favorite blogs, Harsh Reality, is being unfairly punished for basically followin’ other blogs. Harsh Reality’s author, Jason Cushman, came up with a way to gather more followers for his blog by becoming a Powerblogger and “mass following” other blogs. Now it’s true that there are malicious bloggers out there that use this technique for spamming, but Jason is NOT one of those bloggers.

Over the last 2 years Harsh Reality and Jason has become a go to source for new bloggers and even veteran bloggers for advice and help. Almost from the inception of his blog he has hosted Meet and Greet’s, an opportunity for new bloggers to get their blog out there and be introduced to other bloggers. Jason is also known for Reblogging a vast number of blogs to help other bloggers. He has taken his own time, on top of holdin’ down a full time job, to create tutorials to help folks like you and me, and he does all of this and more for FREE.

So, Jason has been accused of Mass Following for the purpose of spamming and his ability to follow blogs or even like posts has been deactivated. From what I can gather by followin’ along with this is there was one particular person that didn’t like somethin’ Jason wrote and went runnin’ to the powers that be cryin’ like a little two year old. I do not know the details because I haven’t talked to Jason personally but that is what I gather happened although I am not 100% sure.

I am writing this post in full, total support for Jason and Harsh Reality. I would like for all of my followers to leave a comment in support and also to reblog this post. We need to show and prove our support for Jason and Harsh Reality to the WordPress powers that be and get all of his rights back and get this mess behind him so he can continue to do what he does best.

Please put in your post “Save Harsh Reality” along with whatever else you want to say and I will see that it gets to the people that need to see it. I also reblogged Linda Gill’s post and if you don’t mind, please do that also. She has a lot more followers than I do and she is also gonna make sure the right people see that reinstating Jason’s rights is the right thing to do.

I can’t speak for Jason but I am sure he will appreciate your help and support. I know that I surely do!

Thanks for readin’.

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