Who Needs Sleep Anyway?

WIN_20141217_152803 (2)

Yep, this is yours truly holdin’ up the box that my new computer came in the other day. Thanks to my awesome brother, he got it for me for Christmas and gave it to me early, savin’ my sanity in the process.

Since my old computer went kaput I was using my little Android Phone to access the outside world. It did the job but oh how aggravatin’ it was. It has just a 3.5 inch screen, doesn’t have a very big processor in it and quickly gets low on memory and the RAM is just pitiful. I had to reboot it an average of 3 – 4 times an hour due to it freezin’ up on me.

But all that changed when this new computer came into my life. My old system ran Windows 7, this one has Windows 8.1. It has taken me a little time to get used to the new operatin’ system, findin’ things that were easy to find in Win7 and just gettin’ used to it in general.

The issue that I am now facin’ is that I don’t wanna get off of it at night and go to bed. Regardless of the fact that my back is screamin’ at me to go lay down and my hands and fingers are hurtin’ and mostly numb due to the nerve in my arm and carpal tunnel syndrome. There are just too many new things to find and explore with this new system.

I am NOT complainin’ however. During the time I was without a computer was like livin’ in the dark ages or better yet, goin’ from a Smart Phone back to a Rotary Dial Phone. A lot of people look at their computer as a piece of hardware, to be used when the need arises or strictly for business purposes. Not so for me, my computer is my sole form of communication with the outside world most of the time and it felt like a vital part of me was missin’. I didn’t like that, at all.

So I figure, who needs sleep anyway? Not me, not when I have this brand new toy to play with to my hearts content, be able to fully enjoy all my social sites and of course, write blogs and engage with you wonderful folks.

That’s pretty much it for tonight. I hope y’all have an awesome night and a fantastic day tomorrow. Until next time …

Thanks for readin’.

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