This Is A Test

This is a test of the HBS (Hillbilly Blogging System). I am testing Windows Live Writer to see if I would rather use it to post or just use the WordPress option.

Let's see if Alt-text works.

 Me while at Physical Therapy. I am trying here to figure out how to caption pictures, so far I haven’t had too much luck. There is no option to do so on the Top Ribbon nor in File. No such luck when I Right Click on the picture itself. Other than editing the picture I don’t see a way to do it. Not looking too good so far.




Let’s try a map, shall we?


Well, I can caption a Map!
Well, I can caption a Map!

I don’t have a video right now to test out but I’m not too sure it would work because of WordPress and their video priorities. As far as all the text formatting, I’m pretty sure it will transfer over to WordPress, although it might not, I just don’t really feel like tryin’ it right now. Other than the Highlighter lol

Ok, this concludes this test of the HBT.

Thanks for puttin’ up with me Open-mouthed smile

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