I Call Bullshit!!!

Now, as you all know, I’m just a simple country boy. I’m no expert on world affairs or politics in general and I’m not known to publicly speak about such things very often.

However, when I heard on the news that people and politicians were all up in arms about the so called CIA report and how terrorists were tortured, I was just a bit confused as to why.

Here’s my take on the situation, which is pretty simple and I’m sure shared by many Americans.

If an individual is a known terrorist, someone willing and eager to kill as many Americans as possible, in the most dreadful fashion as possible, then this individual does not deserve our sympathy and does not, in any circumstances what so ever, fall under our laws.

They should not ever be captured and brought to the United States to be tried in our court system or locked up in a prison for years enjoying 3 meals a day and an easy life on our dime, only to be released one day to return to the animals they were with to begin with so they can continue to exact acts of untold violence on us.

No dear friends, the answer is quite simple. Give them back what they so desperately want to give us. Death. Put a rifle to their head, look them in the eye, smile, say “This is for America”, pull the trigger and put a bullet in their brain. The outcome? One less animal we have to worry about.

Maybe if we started doing this we would put the fear of God in them, they would see that we’re not gonna treat them with kid gloves anymore. Stop all this fair treatment bullshit for members of an organization that is dead set on destroying us by any means necessary. That’s just plain stupid and foolish.

Well, that’s my take on it and all I’ll say for now.

Thanks for readin’

Sit A Spell And Lemme Know What Ya Think

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