When My Social Media Is Slow

I am a social media junkie, and by social media, I mean Facebook, Twitter and WordPress. As I’ve stated before, the first two hours, at least, of every day of my life is spent drinkin’ coffee, smokn’ cigarettes and browin’ my social media. Yes, I know, I’m pitiful.

There are days however that said social media is a disappointment. For some reason, probably work or life related, people ain’t postin’ much and that just throws my whole day off kilter. As I have also said before, I live my life vicariously through those of others, mainly because I don’t have a life of my own to speak of.

My general routine is as follows:

Get up … obviously

Stumble to the bathroom … hey, who doesn’t do this?

Stumble and waddle to the kitchen, get my huge coffee mug, pour my coffee (try not to spill any)

Navigate my way back to my desk and plop, not sit, down.

Locate my mouse with half opened eyes and with the knowledge of the general whereabouts of said device.

Open my trusty Chrome browser

Go first to Facebook (since it automatically opens in a tab all it’s own on startup of browser)

Diligently read all the new posts that arrived durin’ my hours of semi slumber (Done)

Open Twitter, again read all the new stuff (Done)

Open Fox News, read all the terrible things that have happened in the world since last I checked (Done)

Open WordPress and locate all the blogs I follow that have posted somethin’ buried inΒ all the garbage that the Reader insists that I might like to read (Done)

Repeat, numerous times

Now, on good days I can be kept happily occupied for the required two hours I need, on bad days I am left hangin’ with nothin’ but my coffee and cigarettes. Not fun. I am then required to open a different browser, because Netflix won’t work in my Chrome for some stupid reason and open Netflix and begin watchin’ House, M.D. Yes, I’m hooked on this show, I used to hate it … go figure.

In between my normal day to day duties that have to be performed I will watch an episode or two of House then get up and do somethin’ else that is required of me. Most times, durin’ an episode, I will get interrupted by somethin’ mundane, like lilman’s hunger or helpin’ mom with somethin’. (Lilman ain’t big enough yet for me to pawn off some of these duties on him.) On the bright side, the two other people in my house will play together, yes, mom will actually play because that’s just how she is, so the two of them will be occupied for quite some time.

After an episode or two I will invariably go back to Chrome and check my social media for any new updates durin’ my absence, yes, I know I’m missed but I do my best.

Such is my existence, now you know the excitin’ details of my everyday life. It really is like this every day unless there are instances of Dr. Appointments or the occasional escape to the grocery store.

So now you see the importance of social media in my life, so come on folks, get to livin’ (and postin’) so I’ll have somethin’ to do.

Thanks for readin’.



15 thoughts on “When My Social Media Is Slow

  1. NotAPunkRocker

    I haven’t been doing as much on Facebook only because I don’t want to be TOO annoying. I get what you mean though.


  2. Doobster418

    I am a Facebook ghost. I don’t post but I use it to see what my kids are up to. And I don’t have a Twitter account because I can’t imagine trying to communicate anything in 40 characters or fewer. But I am addicted to WordPress and to the blogs I follow and to writing my own posts, so, like you, the early mornings are pretty much devoted to WordPress. How did this happen?


    1. Tim Taylor Post author

      I used to be a lot more active on facebook, but recently, like you, I have become a ghost, or a troll, either way lol WordPress is addictive, for both readin’ and writin’. As to how this happened, I suppose were just awesome like that lol


  3. April

    The other day I was thinking that wordpress seems like a ghostown! I guess everyone is enjoying the summer! I have been doing the twitter thing but it seems like A DVD on crack! I’m trying to get the hang of it so we will see πŸ˜‰


    1. Tim Taylor Post author

      I check Twitter every day like I said but I hardly if ever post anything on there, it’s usually just my posts that get sent there through wordpress. I just can’t seem to get the hang of it lol


  4. The Indecisive Eejit

    I use my blog, obviously, I don’t understand Twitter and I don’t really bakebook either. I used to do all those things before I had a blog, now my mind is a whirling dervish of useless information that I need to jot down lol
    See tomorrow, set down the tablet, pick up a pencil and draw……or else *evil stare that’s not all that scary to be honest*



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