A Great Big, Huge With A Hug Hillbilly Thank You!

A few days ago, I did a post, which I have since made private because when I re-read it, it felt way too much like whinin’, in which I really opened up to the feelin’s I was havin’ at the time.

Not surprisingly, because I have awesome friends, I got an outpourin’ of support, good feelin’s, comforting thoughts and genuine caring.

I didn’t respond to any of the comments on that post, not because I didn’t care but because I was in such a deep dark place I couldn’t muster any emotion other than pure unadulterated despair and fear. I am quite a bit better now, I am still havin’ panic and anxiety episodes but they are not as frequent now. I actually feel like I can breathe for the first time in forever. I almost feel close to semi-normal.

So instead of goin’ back into that post and replying individually to each comment I wanted to post this Thank You post to everybody that commented on that post. (Think I got the word post in that sentence enough times?)

You all are truly an amazin’ bunch of folks and I truly thank you and appreciate you and that means a lot comin’ from a hillbilly. I feel like, even though none of us have ever met in person, that y’all are part of my family and I am PROUD to say that.

From the comments to the conversations on Facebook, each and every one of you helped me in one of my darkest times in a long time, and for that I am extremely grateful and humbled.

Again and I can’t say this enough ….


Thanks for readin’ and for bein’ my friend,







13 thoughts on “A Great Big, Huge With A Hug Hillbilly Thank You!

  1. melissa nacinovich

    if it’s the one I think it is, you should definitely NOT feel like you were whining! That is what you were feeling at the time and it is ok to feel that way, it is OK to write about it. I write for me and if nobody wants to read it I don’t care, I’m writing it anyway! I’m just sayin’…
    I haven’t been following you long but I have come to really enjoy your posts because they’re real. Anyway, I’ll shut up…I’m glad you’re feeling better, I know how much of a beat down anxiety can be.
    : )


  2. mommyx4boys

    You werent being whiny you were expressing yourself to your friends, and I hope you know you always have a friend here if you need anything. But i am so glad you are feeling better and I knew you would, cause everybody knows you cant keep a hillbilly down for long. 😉



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