Let’s All Talk About Death … Wait .. What??

The majority of the posts that I have seen today have been on the subject of death. In my stubborn curiosity I want to know why.

Why all of a sudden, on today of all days, is everybody and their sister writin’ about bein’ dead? Or gonna die, or what happens after death?

I don’t like to even think about bein’ dead, that would mean I was no longer alive and that just ain’t good to think about. Oh sure, there are times that mortality hits me and I’m forced to think about it, but that don’t mean that I like to.

Well Tim, don’t you ever think about what differences you will have made once you’re dead and gone? Glad you asked me that … and the answer is no, not really ’cause I won’t be around to enjoy them.

I do however sometimes sit around and wish that I could be around to see all the really cool advances that the human race is bound to make in the next 100 years or so. If I’m lucky I got about 40 some years left and that’s bein’ optimistic.

I won’t get into the religious aspect of this subject in this post, well not a lot anyway. I do believe in heaven and hell and I know which direction I wanna go in when it’s my time to go and yes I know it’s up to me to make that happen. It’s all my choice and the decisions I make while I am here on this earth.

So, back to the burnin’ question. WHY are so many folks writin’ about death today? C’mon, it’s givin’ me the heeby jeebies.

Thanks for readin’


30 thoughts on “Let’s All Talk About Death … Wait .. What??

  1. Doobster418

    I have no idea why people are writing about death. In fact, I didn’t even know that people have been writing about death. Damn, I must be dead to the world.


      1. Doobster418

        That’s true, too. But it’s a quiet afternoon right now (I’m on a cross-country train) and I actually have a cell signal now (unusual), so I thought I’d just casually read and comment on a few posts. No heavy lifting, though.


  2. edwardkowalski

    Not knowin’ what things you’ve been reading (links boy! Links!), it’s one of the two things we all have in common (birth & death — taxes are an abomination that they can just stick…oh, never mind).

    People label and investigate what they don’t understand. While living, treat yourself well, treat others better than that {karma}.

    If others treat you poorly, call in an air strike on their *%}]€¥ asses. 😊


  3. mommyx4boys

    Death, death, death, death. Hehe sorry, I have seen quite a few posts on that as well, and I have no idea why. Other than some zombie stuff and my daughters birthday post, I have never talked about it on my blog. Like you I dont find it to be an enjoyable subject.



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