To Comment Or Just “Like”

Do you comment on every bog post you read? Nah, I didn’t think so, I don’t either.

That bein’ said let me say this. Sometimes I feel like I should be commentin’ on them, mainly out of courtesy if nothin’ else. I mean, the person writin’ the post has spent, sometimes, hours slavin’ over the post, sometimes, like me, it only takes a few minutes to write a post.

Now, there are a few blogs that I will comment on every time there is a new post and this is because not only do I really enjoy the post but it is also a sense of community. I have never been the type of person that has the attitude of “you comment on mine I’ll comment on yours”. That’s just silly, but I’m sure there are bloggers out there that do that.

DO I expect a reply to a comment I have made? Yep, and again, that’s only courteous. I will reply to all comments made on any of my posts, even if it’s just a simple Thank You. I know this ain’t just the hillbilly in me cause I have read other posts on this subject and other people have the same opinion I do.

The “Like” button is my friend. I will (usually) like every post I read, if I truly like it. Of course, if I don’t like it I’m not gonna finish readin’ it, or ever start to read it for that matter. And there are times I will “Like” and comment too, other times, not so much.

Everybody is different I suppose and not everybody thinks the same way I do and that’s ok.

Oh yeah, somethin’ else I wanted to say concernin’ comments. I have seen on some very popular blogs where people will comment just so they can say they did. Their comments have nothin’ what-so-ever to do with the content of the post or on the other end of the spectrum there are your “pseudo trolls” that will comment just because, they really have nothin’ to say other than to post a comment although their comment pertains to the post.

Pseudo Trolls – People that comment just to be seen on a blog and to hopefully get a response from the blog author. Sometimes they will actually leave a link to their own blog for publicity.

So there you have it, my outlook on commentin’. I’ve got more to say about it but I’m too lazy to type it all right now and besides, I had an idea for another blog post while I was writin’ this one.

Thanks for readin’


21 thoughts on “To Comment Or Just “Like”

  1. mommyx4boys

    I dont always comment, but like you there are certain blogs like this one here, that if I see a post I almost always will comment. Most of the time its because im interseted and sometimes its just kinda my way of lettin yawl know that I care and I do read all of your stuff.


  2. The Indecisive Eejit

    I’d never (please follow me) do that (I’m the indecisve eejit) Pseudo Trolling thing!! lol
    I get where you are coming from with this, I think I may have written a post about it myself a few moons ago. I don’t genuinely get to comment on all, because sometimes I am reading on the train and time is of the essence. Also sometimes there is nothing else that can be said. Sometimes I am scared of making myself look like a plonker. I have a lack of comment confidence lol


  3. awrestlingwriter

    I don’t always comment either but I’m always hoping to find posts to comment on because that would mean it was an interesting post and one that has got me thinking, challenges or inspires me, etc. Or it’s just good to have a conversation sometimes too where it feels like you can contribute. I find some posts I really like and would love to comment on but my mind is blank. The like button is my friend then!


    1. Tim Taylor Post author

      Yep, I like a good conversation too, especially if it revolves around a topic that really interests me, lots of times though, on the bigger blogs, it’s hard to get a conversation goin’ if the author doesn’t usually comment back. Thanks for the read 🙂


  4. Phoenix Tears Healed

    oh dear hadn’t heard of pseudo-trolls! whatever next! makes me want to go remove all the comments I’ve ever made! I would if I could 🙂 Mind you the blogger always has the delete button.
    I know many click like when they like and speak when then wish to speak; my personal hates are those who sniffily demand comments and stick their noses up at likes., and those who actively seek comments as though come to me me me I have what you need; lol 😀


    1. Tim Taylor Post author

      Yeah, I made Pseudo-Trolls up cause I couldn’t think of a better word lol I seriously don’t think you need to go delete any of your comments though 🙂 And I have seen several bloggers that are like that too.


      1. Phoenix Tears Healed

        I was pretty shocked to read your post after I’d just been commenting on your tutorials 😦


      2. Phoenix Tears Healed

        phew! relief!….. I do not want to be a sub-culture, sounds like goo oozing forth from a petri dish 🙂


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