An Ode To Yesteryear – Or Feelin’ Old, Either Way Works

10296885_10154250076760010_92392639121363408_nI was readin’ my Facebook this mornin’, as it is part of my mornin’ routine, and I came across a post talkin’ about, in part, social networks and how they have changed our lives.

Oh boy how they have changed our lives, and sometimes not for the better neither,

When I was a young’un, growin’ up in the hills and mountain of Southwest Virginia, if I wanted to know where my friends were, I had to go look for them or holler real loud if I thought they were anywhere near.

Back then my ears were sensitive to the slightest noise of bicycle tires on the road or low conversation passin’ in front of the house. I had almost a 6th sense pertainin’ to knowin’ when my friends would be around, and I was usually right.

I didn’t have a cell phone where I could pick it up and send a text askin’ where such and such was, or if they would be around anytime soon. Nor could I get on my computer or smartphone and pull up Facebook to check on the current status of someone.

I couldn’t send an email because back then email didn’t exist, well except for in our imaginations and the only phone available was a big clunky black rotary dial phone that we shared with the house next door on a “party line”.

If I wanted to see a picture of someone I had to go to their house a look in a photo album, where usually all the pictures were fallin’ out of ’cause the sticky stuff that was supposed to hold them in had worn off. I couldn’t go to a profile and look at hundreds of pictures and or “selfies” of said person.

If I wanted to know what a person had been up to lately, well, I had to ask them, I couldn’t just look on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to see all the happenin’s in their life, both good and bad.

Yes, social media has changed us, it has, to a point, isolated us from the real world outside our computers or smartphones. No longer do we need to be face to face with someone to be their “friend”, all we gotta do is log on and start browsin’.

On the other hand, it has brought the world to us, allowed us to get acquainted with people from many different cultures and lets us keep up with family and friends that would otherwise be largely inaccessible or would rarely ever hear from.

So you have the good and the bad, just like with anything else in life, in social media. As for this ‘ole hillbilly, I miss the simpler, less technological times of the past, where you had to be in the presence of someone to talk to them.

Thanks for readin’.


8 thoughts on “An Ode To Yesteryear – Or Feelin’ Old, Either Way Works

  1. aedmonds315

    Me too Hillybilly, I think you lose something in a text message or e-mail. Being social isn’t social anymore. Does that makes sense? We might keep in touch but we have lost the actual social aspect of being social. Great post. I miss those days too..


  2. edwardkowalski

    Isn’t the electronic connection simply a shortcut to maintaining relationships? Example: (primarily guys, but perhaps some women do this too) two guys who’ve worked together for a few years; one of them takes a job across country; ten years pass, maybe the yearly Christmas card summary. Then they meet up, perhaps a neutral location, and they act as if it were last week at the old job. (Full disclosure – I’ve been in this scenario four times.)



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