A Typical Conversation

IMG_20140612_133943The following is a typical conversation between a 4 year old and a 48 year old.

Connor: Daddy?

Me: Yes Connor?

Connor: Daddyyyy?

Me: YES Connor?



Connor: I need you.

Me; What do you need Connor?

Connor: I just NEED you, right NOW!

Me: Connor, what do you need me for?

Connor: I want to show you something.

Me: What do you want to show me?


Me: (Head in hands) Shew!! Connor, WHAT DO YOU NEED??

Connor: Daddyyy … I’m DONE!!!

Me: (Gets up and walks to the bathroom)

Connor: No I’m nottt, I was just kiddin’!! (Laughs)

Me: Connor, don’t tell me you’re done unless you really are!

Connor: Daddy?? Is somebody here?

Me: No Connor, no one is here but you, nana and me. Are you done yet?

Connor: No (Grunts a little)

Me: (Turns to walk back to my desk, gets halfway there)


Me: Are you sure this time? ‘Cause I’m NOT comin’ back again.

Connor: I’m sure daddy.

Me: (Goes back to the bathroom, gets child off of commode, does the dirty business)

Connor: Daddy, I’m hungry.

Me; You’ve got food in there waitin’ on you.

Connor: No I don’t

Me: Yes you DO.

Connor: I don’t like that.

Me; But you liked it 5 minutes ago.

Connor: No I didn’t.

Me: Then why were you eatin’ it like you were in love with it?

Connor: Daddy?? Daddyyy. DADDY!!!!

Me: What Connor?

Connor: I love you.

Me: I love you too punkin’.

And on and on it goes. This is really the types of conversations that I have with my son on a daily, hourly basis.

Thanks for readin’.

Tim (AND Connor)



8 thoughts on “A Typical Conversation

  1. disappearingwoman

    The “I love you” part makes all of the running worthwhile! I was a single mom for 8 years while my kids were little. It was exhausting, but now that they’re grown we’re the very best of friends. (We weren’t always the best of friends during those teen years, because I’m a “lay down the law” kinda mom, but now they appreciate it!) πŸ™‚



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