The Hillbilly’s Stats Conundrum

I’m usually not a real big observer of my stats. That’s not to say that I don’t pay any attention to ’em, that’d be just silly, and a lie. On my recipe blog I have pretty much got ’em figured out but for the life of me I can’t get the rhythm of this blog.



For instance, in the screenshot you will see an upsurge between May 29th and June 1st. To save my life I can’t figure out what I did on those days to cause the visits and views to go up like that, I would like it see it happen more often.

I had a little surge over the last few days. I can’t remember if I posted a lot more on those days or if I didn’t do anything differently.

I know there are those, even some of my friends on here, that pay a lot more attention to the stats than I do.

If anyone has any advice on gettin’ the pulse of this blog I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for readin’.




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