Grammatical Correctness – Yeah, Right!

I just read about this horrific crime in TN. just outside of Nashville. This guy killed his supposed girlfriend, chopped her head, feet and hands off then proceeded to eat a part of her. Yeah I know, it’s gross and that’s not what this post is about but I had to tell you that to get to what I really wanted to tell you.

In the comments section you’d think that the comments would pertain to the story, and this was on a news website too, but noooo, the grammar police were there in full force. Every little error was caught and brought out in the full light of all the readers that cared to scroll down that far.

For some reason this just got under my skin. Hell, let ’em come to my blog, I’d love to see some of the comments that would be left about my grammar and the way I mutilate the english language on a daily basis.

I just can’t stand it when someone blatantly corrects someone else on their grammar, the way they spell or use words. Who the hell cares anyway, as long as you get your point across it shouldn’t matter to anybody but english professors and even they should keep their yaps shut unless they’re givin’ a grade.

Maybe it’s just the hillbilly in me and my overabundant mutilation of the spoken and written word, or maybe it’s just that I don’t really care unless you misspell a word so bad that I can not possibly figure it out, and then most likely I will just skip over it or come back to it later and try to make sense out of it.

So I openly invite all the grammar police to visit my humble little blog and let them have theirselves a field day. And yes, I used theirselves on purpose.

End of rant.

Thank for readin’.



6 thoughts on “Grammatical Correctness – Yeah, Right!

  1. aedmonds315

    You do have a way with words Hillbilly, I’m so with you on this one. As long as I can read the dang book, article or what ever I really don’t care. But you’re so right the grammar police will get cha.. Yes I used Cha instead of you on purpose, hahah..Great post!!


  2. Laura

    I wouldn’t dare criticize your grammar or spelling. This is a personal blog that should reflect you and the way you talk and think. But when I’m reading an article written by a professional and I see grammar mistakes, spelling errors, and more, then I question the accuracy of the content. Anyone who is paid to write and can’t be bothered to do it correctly should hang up his pencil. If a writer can’t be bothered to proofread or spell-check, why would I think they would also fact-check? Sloppy writing (which is what poor grammar and bad spelling are) are generally signs of sloppy thinking and sloppy reporting.


    1. Tim Taylor Post author

      You’re right about the professional writers, however, I see misspelled words, incorrect punctuation, etc. all the time in news reports and so on and I pretty much just ignore it too. I certainly ain’t gonna go in a comments section or a blog and start correctin’ people lol



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