Drinkin’ Coffee And Smokin’ Cigarettes

0367da4353fd4353ec37b69a75965bf79d16bbe4My daily mornin’ ritual.

I simply can’t function properly until I have had my coffee and cigarettes. Yes I know smokin’ is a bad, nasty habit and I need to quit, but in my own defense I don’t really smoke that much.

I set my coffee pot the night before so it will be ready and waitin’ for me as soon as my feet hit the floor, except on those mornin’s that I wake up before it does, then I gotta wait a painful 15 minutes for it to get done. I used to have a Bunn coffee maker but the ex got that in the divorce. Bummer,

Whilst I am enjoyin’ my nectar from the gods, I am perusin’ my WordPress Reader and Facebook to see what happened in the world while I was asleep, which me and Connor didn’t get much of last night ’cause he has caught my stomach bug, bless his little heart.

Usually, durin’ what’s supposed to be my time of solitude with the world, mommy is constantly askin’ me what I want for breakfast. I very rarely eat breakfast but she can’t remember this little fact from day to day, and she can’t make it anyway, but in her mind she thinks she can. So I answer her 150 inquiries about said breakfast with a “Mommy, I don’t eat breakfast” or “I’m not hungry mamma”. The battle continues.

Along with the inquisition from mommy I have my four year old attached at the hip, with a constant barrage of daddydaddydaddydaddy .. I love you or a constant stream of questions that apparently are the most important things in the world at that moment. He has recently started tappin’ me on the arm before the daddydaddydaddy part, so I have a bit of warnin’ beforehand, or “guess what?” That’s always a good indication that I’m gonna get a tidbit of toddler inspiration on some fact that has somehow alluded me all my 48 years.

So between mom and Connor it is near impossible for me to dissolve into the warmin’ sensations of my Folgers coffee and Tahoe cigarettes, to allow my still semi-slumberin’ body and brain to fully wake up and face the world yet another day, but it’s my ritual and I will continue to pursue it with all my hillbilly will, right now however, the other occupants of the house seem to be winnin’.

Thanks for readin’.


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9 thoughts on “Drinkin’ Coffee And Smokin’ Cigarettes

      1. mommyx4boys

        Yes it does take a bit of time, but the quality i think is better, and I get up 20 minutes before my husband so that he can have a fresh cup as soon as he wakes up. πŸ˜‰


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