The Internet And A Hillbilly – A Pity Party Of Sorts

internetI have been asked by a lot of people in the past, “Why do you spend so much time on the computer?”

It is true that I spend an enormous amount of time sittin’ in front of this screen, hand on the mouse. But in my defense I spend most of my time here on WordPress and on, dare I say it? Facebook.

There’s a good reason for my indiscretion, one not many folks will really understand but I’m sure some will.

As most of my faithful followers and readers know, I take care of my elderly mom, she has Vascular Dementia and other health problems. She needs constant care and watchin’, which in turn doesn’t give me a lot of “me time”. Hardly none in fact.

Really, the only time I have to myself is when I go to the grocery store, and that’s usually for less than an hour and a lot of the times that I go I have my little mini me with me so it’s not really what you could call me time.

So what do I do about this? I turn to the internet. It is an escape for me, a chance to drift off into cyberspace and get lost for a while. I crave conversation and friend time, which I don’t get a lot of in “real life”.

Long ago I was really into chat rooms, I was a regular in a few but that fell by the wayside, real life interrupted me and I had to put my big boy pants on and live for a while, this was just after my first wife passed away.

Now-a-days my time is spent readin’ blogs, interactin’ with new friends and writin’ blogs. What time I’m not on here I’m on facebook but I usually just troll there. Every now and again I will post somethin’ but my biggest thing is to interact with friends in chat.

I’m well aware that most people don’t have the time that I do to get online and I know they can’t spend as much time as I do in front of the computer. I will admit that sometimes I get a little lonely and I will sit here just waitin’ for someone to come online or I will watch that little devil at the top of the page, just waitin’ for it to light up. If you’re wonderin’ what little devil I’m talkin’ about it’s this one …Β 2014-05-27_1734.Β I will constantly check the chat box on facebook to see if anyone is online.

Yes I know, I’m pitiful and prolly way too dependant on the internet for my own good. But like I said earlier, I just need an escape sometimes. Maybe one day I will have a real life outside the internet, but until then, here I am.

Thanks for readin’.



10 thoughts on “The Internet And A Hillbilly – A Pity Party Of Sorts

  1. mommyx4boys

    I can completely relate, I look at my phone at least every 5 min to see if I have any new wordpress comments or If any of my new friends have posted anything. I dont have friends because of my past drug addictions and alcoholism im kinda scared to make any. So my friends here on wordpress are the only interaction i have with people other than my husband and kids.


      1. dragonflygypsyusa

        Oh! I’ve gone back and forth. Had friends, loved it. Then, as life does, life happened, leaving me to decide that it was better when there wasn’t all of the other people. Now, back to no friends. (ok. i have friends out here in the real world, but they are very few and have stood the test of life happening)


  2. dragonflygypsyusa

    Oh man!! I can so relate!!! My phone and I are best friends, mostly because I can access WordPress through it, see new comments and posts and likes and all that. I can lose entire days in front of my laptop. I get easily hurt so I tend not to interact too much with people face to face. Have no shame, my dear hillbilly. You have friends here. πŸ™‚



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