I ……. Am A Hugger

hugGo figger, right? If I know you, at some point yer gonna get a hug. I will defer to my hillbilly roots on this one.

I have always been a hugger, everybody in my family is a hugger. If someone in my family comes to visit, the first and last thing you get is a hug.

I find nothin’ what so ever strange about this ritual, it’s always been this way for as long as I can remember. Family, friends, everybody’s fair game. I’m a big ole boy, so if I come at you with a hug just accept it and go on.

Now, I have different types of hugs, they’re not all the full both arm embrace hug. I’ve got the “barely there hug”, this one is done with just one arm around the shoulders. Then there’s the slightly more intimate one arm hug that is accomplished with my arm around yer back, if I feel this one is bein’ fairly well accepted then it can transition it into a “squeezer” where I will exert a small amount of pressure towards me.

Then there’s the family hugs, these are almost always the full two arm embrace method, usually with the accompanied back slap, pat or rub, dependin’ on the gender of said relative.

(I said earlier that everybody in my family is a hugger, let me take that back, there are a few, a very few, that don’t like to hug. Oh, they’ll take one if not given an opportunity or a way out of it, but I don’t count those, they’re crotchety anyhow.)

Now we come to the intimate or lovers hug, this is one of my favorites. I’m fairly tall and most of the women I have dated and or married have been short. On every one of them I could rest my chin on the top of their head and I like that. These type of hugs are a more intimate variation of the full two arm embrace method.

I won’t go into any more gory details than that. I just wanted to share with you another little tidbit about your favorite hillbilly.

Thanks for readin’.


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18 thoughts on “I ……. Am A Hugger

  1. mommyx4boys

    I am also a hugger, I think that is just something that happens when you’re from the south. I love how you categorized your hugs, most of them are the same with me.


      1. Tim Taylor Post author

        Sittin’ here drinkin coffee, tryin to sort out what I wanna write about today lol It seems like us bloggers have the same issues on a day to day basis. I’m sure May will come up with somethin. she always does.


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