Don’t Think .. umm, OK


Write for 15 minutes they said, don’t think about waht you’re gonna write thaty said, hmm that is a very very difficult thing for me to do. Do correct my spellin’, umm I’ll try. I can’t promise you that this is gonna be purty but it will satisfy the requirements for todays assignment.

One of the requirements for today is to write for 15 uninterrupted minutes, that’s impossible for me to do, I don’t have five uniterrupted minutes and to keep my hand moving. THis assignment is really streatchin’ my writin’ ability.

I have decided already that I’m gonna post this without and editing what so ever, I just hope that you’ll be able to decipher it when I’m done. See, I can not type without lookin’ at the keyboard and i’ve got pudgy fingers too so they have a tendency to to strike buttons that shouldn’t be struck.

One of the things that popped otu at me in the Daily POst was to go for the jugular. Hmm, I’m not real sure how to do that btu I’m gonna try. I just looked up at my writin’ so far and I am appaled at all the dyslexic spellin’ that I have done thus far. See, I told ya I can’t type worth nothin’. I gotta stop for a minute and get me a drink of coffee. OK, that’s better.

I don’t have 3 favorite songs, which is waht I’m supposed to be writin’ about. Don’t get me wrong, I love music but I just don’t have a favorite, much less three. I suppose if I had to pick it would be rock songs fromt he 80’s. I know I know, I’m a hillbilly and I’m not supposed to liek rock n roll.

When I hear a song from the 80’s I am swept back to my “comin’ of age years”, chasin’ girls, drinkin’ beer, all the things that happen to teenagers. Well, I should say teenagers of MY day. Teens today ain’t nothin’ like me when Iwas 13 through 19. I didn’t have a smartphone plastered to my face 23 1/2 hours a day, nor did I have a car u ntil I was almost 20, and it wasn’t new when I did get it, but hey, it was a car and it got me to where I needed or wanted to be.

Ok, I’m outta my 15 minutes now, I know this ain’t done but I gotta follow the rules, right?

Thanks for readin’


Blogging U Assignment

10 thoughts on “Don’t Think .. umm, OK

  1. Megra12

    I love the bravery of posting this without any edits! I find it so difficult to not correct the majority of my spelling and typos as I go. I’m getting set to tackle this assignment, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to post it without a bit of editing. Kudos to you!


  2. April

    You have given me courage! I will try this to ugh after work, but will be hard to not edit due to my OCD nature 🙂



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