I REALLY Want YOUR Opinion On This

Ok, first this, then I will get to my Blogging U assignment.

I REALLY want your opinion on this subject. Spread this post around, reblog it or whatever you need to do to get it out there. This is a sensitive subject, more sensitive than anything I have ever posted so far. Please, I want this post to get as much exposure as possible.

What is YOUR opinion or belief about spankin’ a child?


Do you think it’s abuse or somethin’ a child needs?

I was spanked as a child and I made it just fine, I’m not a serial killer and I don’t feel the need to go around bullying people ’cause I got my ass whooped as a young’un, in fact, a spankin’ was the only thing I understood, no amount of talkin’ would do any good and there was no such thing as time out.

SO help me out here, I would find it very interestin’ to read your responses.

Thanks for readin’ and participatin’.


8 thoughts on “I REALLY Want YOUR Opinion On This

  1. mommyx4boys

    i dont think it is child abuse if done appropriately, but many people dont know what that means. i got spankings growing up, but i also got a couple beatings so… i have smacked my childrens hands and i threaten to give em a whippen, but i have never actually had to, i was blessed with very good children. and one thing is for sure it sould never be done out of anger.


  2. Aarya

    I dont understand spanking…but yes I did gt slapped few times as a child and I swear it was always my fault…and that to serious kinds like once I lied about my grades and got slapped by mom for hiding…but I hate those parents who beat their child like shit on every small issues…if he didnt perform well beat him, if he is not eating beat him…I hate these kind of parents…I have seen many horrible parents in my life…one of friend in school used to turn up blue on every other day…


  3. n1iwr

    I agree that there is a fine line between beating and spanking. A quick tap on the butt is different than a punch in the gut. I don’t however believe in using anything to make the spanking hurt worse, like a wooden spoon and the like. Otherwise, it’s just big people beating up little people.

    Good question though!! I did get spanked but it was few and far between. When I did, it usually sent the message not to do it again!!


    1. Tim Taylor Post author

      My spankin’s as a child was administered with a little keen switch, a swarp or two with that and like you, I got the message real quick like. Thanks for your input 🙂



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