What Is My Writin’ Style?

10255360_599629040149143_342273935026541410_nWhat is my writin’ style? This is a question I have asked myself often the last few days. I have been readin’ other blogs and the different styles of writin’ is patiently obvious. From witty to sarcastic, poetry to short novels, different individuals all have their own unique writin’ style.

I have struggled in the past with identifyin’ my particular style and prose and the only thing I can come up with is pure unadulterated Hillbilly.

I don’t try to write like other people nor copy their writin’ style. I have, on occasion, gotten an idea for a post by readin’ somebody else’s though. I write the way I talk and think, which a lot of the time comes out all jumbled up and soundin’ like gobbeldygook. But that’s ok, that’s me and the way my brain works.

Speakin’ of my brain and workin’, which it seems it’s set on slow today, I read a blog today and the woman that writes it is so damn funny and honest, I usually don’t post links to blogs outside of WordPress but I’m goin’ to with this one. What does somebody’s blog have to do with my brain? Well, I can identify with her subject matter, which mainly consists of her 4 boys and I’ve got Connor so there’s the connection.

See how that works? Anyway, here’s the link to her blog, if you’re a mom, or in my case a daddy, you’ll enjoy it.

Anyway, back to my style problem. IF you read my blog maybe you can help me out. What do you think my writin’ style is? Let me know, help your friendly neighborhood hillbilly out a little.

11 thoughts on “What Is My Writin’ Style?

  1. phyllisastill

    I love this! I’m a new author and have to answer this in an interview question. I seriously wanted to say hillbilly. I decided to Google “hillbilly writing style” and your blog turned up. So happy to discover I’m not allow. My people were hillbillies who ended up in Texas.

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