Blogging U Day One – Free Writing



I’m not real sure that I can write for 20 minutes without thinkin’ about what I’m gonna write. My mind just don’t work that way, but I suppose that’s the point of this exercise, to free the mind and just type what come out.

To sit and type without thinkin’ to me is unnatural, I’ve always got a subject I wanna write about and in my writin’ I let my emotions and feelin’s flow onto the page as I go.

I stop too many times in the exercise to re-read what I have written so far and I think that’s the wrong thing to do per the instructions, but I don’t wanna just type gibberish.

I guess just write whatever comes to mind at the moment and that would be I still miss my little buddy, he’s been gone from me for 2 days now and it just don’t seem right. Mom is havin’ a hard day today, she had a real rough time this mornin’, she’s talkin’ about blackberries now, she wants me to go pick some when they come on. I can’t eat them unless ya take the seeds outta them, they get in my teeth and they hurt, bad.

OK, I’m about outta my 20 minute time, I know this ain’t a lot but it’s the best I could do in the allotted time. I need to practice this exercise more.

Thanks for readin,


6 thoughts on “Blogging U Day One – Free Writing

  1. mommyx4boys

    This is usually the way I write, I just sit at my desk and whatever comes to mind, I write about. You did good. P.s. my yard is surrounded by blackberry bushes. 🙂


    1. Tim Taylor Post author

      Most of the time I can’t free write but I know what I want to say, until I run out of things to say then I gotta think about it lol I incessantly read and re-read my post before I publish it too. We have blackberries growin on the hillsides here around my house, lots of snakes too … ick. And thank you for sayin I did a good job, that makes me feel good 🙂


      1. mommyx4boys

        I read and reread all my stuff to, it amazes me how it still ends up with mistakes in it. The past few days I have not gotten many comments or likes so I think im losing my touch. Lol


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