Climate (Or Mood) Control

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The idea that the weather and people’s moods are connected is quite old. Do you agree? If yes, how does the weather affect your mood?

GVO-Eds-Vancouver-Weather-1Yes! I am a firm believer that the weather outside can dictate the mood that yer in.

Personally, and the fact that I’m a hillbilly, I like the sunshine and warm weather. I love the outdoors and it’s dang hard to do anything outside if it’s piss pourin’ down the rain. Yes yes, I know, we need the rain too, to make our gardens grow but it makes the grass grow too and I hate mowin’ the yard.

I go into a deep depression durin’ the winter time. I despise cold weather and snow so needless to say I’m in a sorry ass mood for several months out of the year. To have to bundle up with layers and layers of clothes just to stay warm just don’t sit well with me.

Autumn or fall, however you wanna say it, brings mood swings like I’m a woman goin’ through menopause (no offense ladies). I just can’t get my body adjusted to cold weather. The only good thing about winter time is Thanksgivin’ and Christmas. Other than that, you can have it.

Spring and summer are my times of the year. When it starts gettin’ warm outside and the sun shines, the birds sing and I can walk around practically nekkid and it’s perfectly acceptable, then I’m happy, or happier than usual. I honestly don’t think I’m ever in what you could call a good mood.

Speakin’ of said mood, and answerin’ the daily post question, rain and bad weather just makes it worse, pretty weather, sun shine and warmth makes it a little better, especially when I can get outta the house and do somethin’. So yes, the climate does impact the mood yer in.

So there you have the expert hillbilly answer.

Thanks for readin’.


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