What Did I Wanna Be When I Grew Up?

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? What did I wanna be when I grew up? That is a good question, ’cause I don’t think I ever really wanted to be anything, I just lived life day by day, never worryin’ about the future.

Even when I was a teenager I still did’t think too much about it, still livin’ moment to moment. I had other, more important things to think about, like “where was my next beer commin’ from” or “how can I get her to go on a date with me?”

It wasn’t until much later that I realized that maybe I should have dreamed a little when I was younger, strived to be more that what I had turned into. I even went to college but a job opportunity came up and I quit to go to work. (Dumb move lookin’ back on it).

So now that I’m older (still not grown up though) my life is pretty much set in stone for the time bein’. It is dictated by others and I have very little say in the direction it is goin’. But that’s ok, I’m doin’ what I want to (takin’ care of my mommy) and it makes me feel good to do it.

That’s pretty much it, my life’s expectations to this point. Maybe later I will dream a little bigger.

Thanks for readin’.


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6 thoughts on “What Did I Wanna Be When I Grew Up?

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  2. Aarya

    You are not the only one Tim…I guess when we are young we all are like that…always ready to take random and stupid decisions…but we should be happy for what we are and we are 🙂


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