The Bane Of All Evil

2014-05-28_16002014-05-27_1734 I touched on these little devils briefly yesterday in a post but I wanted to elaborate just a little more. They are located at eye level but just outta peripheral vision and I’m forced to move my eyes just a little to see it.

Like I said yesterday, after I publish a post they turn into my Crack or Oxycontin, I’m addicted to them. I sit and wait, not patiently mind you, for the little sucker to light up and when it does I get as giddy as a schoolgirl, like this 2014-05-28_1609 Now I’m all giddy cause it just lit up. See, I told ya so.

They tease me, sometimes I think I see them light up and when I look they’re as dark as ever, just sittin’ there starin’ at me, as if to say na na na na or however it goes. I’m sure if they had tongues they would be stickin’ out too.

I’m addicted and I can’t help it. Maybe there’s a Indicator Support Group out there somewhere that I can enroll in.

I’m just as bad about Facebook, but that’s another post altogether. For now I will sit here and have a staring contest and we’ll see who blinks first.

Thanks for readin’.


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17 thoughts on “The Bane Of All Evil

  1. The Indecisive Eejit

    Lol….look it just lit up! It is a joy everytime that little box changes!

    By the way, have a look at your gravatar thingy, you might need to update your site on there, I think it’s still going to the old one 😛


      1. Tim Taylor Post author

        Yeah, my brain don’t start workin’ till I hit a certain amount of coffee and it’s at least 9 o’clock lol Speakin’ of time, what time is it where you are?


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