I don’t much wanna do anything today. Yep, you guessed it, the horrible mood is still with me and it ain’t gettin’ no better. But I won’t bore you with that again today.

Instead, I will respond to The Daily Post challenge:

While walking on the beach you stumble on a valuable object buried in the sand — say, a piece of jewelry or an envelope full of cash. What do you do with it? Under what circumstances would you keep it?


First of all, I can’t afford to go walkin’ on the beach, but for the sake of argument lets say I was. I got the ocean on one side of me and the boardwalk on the other. Lots of people everywhere strollin’ around, mindin’ their own business, playin’ in the water, buildin’ sand castles and such. There’s people on the boardwalk checkin’ out all the shops, rug rats runnin’ all over the place, drippin’ ice cream down their fronts.

I’m just toolin’ along and I look down and spot this shiny object just layin’ there, beggin’ to be picked up and admired. So that’s what I do, I pick it up and lo and behold it’s a big ‘ole diamond ring, this thing is huge.

Now comes the conundrum. Do I stick it in my pocket and keep walkin’ or do I look around for the owner? From the looks of it, it has been layin’ there for a while now and nobody around me seems confused or looks like they have lost anything important.

As stated above, I don’t have a lot of money, well, none to be honest and this hunk of rock and gold could bring in a purty penny. So I stand there a few more minutes, ponderin’ what the right thing to do is.

Now remember, I’m a hillbilly, and us hillbillies always try to do the right thing, but this thing is temptin’ to keep. It’s almost like the old cartoons where the devil is on one shoulder and an angel is on the other, one tryin’ to convince me to keep it, the other tryin’ to convince me to take it to the Lost and Found kiosk just up the boardwalk there.

I’m sure I look stupider than normal, just standin’ there in my bermuda shorts with this look of confusion on my face. I get a few strange looks from people passin’ by but I don’t pay ’em no mind, I’m used to strange looks.

Finally I decide to go with my raisin’ and do whats right. I saunter back up the beach toward said lost and found and when I get there I just kinda’ stand there for a minute, twirlin’ the ring around in my pudgy fingers. Am I bein’ stupid or not? Is this a sign for me to get some extra spendin’ money? Then I think of the woman that lost it, I imagine in my mind the feelin’ of loss and dejection she must be goin’ through.

The Hillbilly in me wins out and I take the ring to the guy sweatin’ behind the counter and hand him the ring, informin’ him around about where I found it. He looks at me like I’m an idiot but takes the ring anyway.

I turn around and make my way back down the beach, secure in the knowledge that surely I have done what is right and ponderin’ what I want to drink.

Thank for readin’.

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2 thoughts on “Finders-Keepers

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