Another Day

download (1) Well, here it has been another day and all I seem to have gotten accomplished was sittin’ in front of this computer.

Sometimes I get so disgusted with myself I can hardly breathe. On the other hand, it is something that I dearly love doin’.

Oh, did i tell ya that i dip snuff? Maybe that slipped my mind. The reason I’m tellin’ ya this is ’cause I’m out and I think I might just have a nicotine fit. As soon as I get done eatin’, which I just did, I gotta have me a dip or the world just ain’t right. (Hey, I’m a hillbilly, whatta ya expect?)

I made fried taters, mixed greens, fried streaked bacon and cornbread for supper. It’s all I can do to get my 4 year old to eat a full meal, maybe I’m not the only one that has that trouble? He likes country cookin’ as much as his daddy but he can’t sit still long enough to eat.

Ok, I’m just ramblin’ here, I really don’t have too much to talk about that would win me a prize or anything but I have to get these things out or I’m gonna’ bust.

See, I like writing, even when I don’t have anything to say, I know these nothin’ posts drive you guys crazy and I’m sorry, but I now ya love yer hillbilly so it’s all good.

Oh yeah, i forgot to tell ya my friends came around and saw me Saturday night. Well, they’re more like family than friends. We had a good time, I got to unwind a little and the world was right for a few hours. I really enjoy their company.

Do you ever just sit and stare at this little guy at the top of your screen? 2014-05-27_1734 I do and it drives me bonkers. Why do I torture myself that way. I post something and it’s like that little indicator is my crack or something

Ok, enough already, I’ve drove myself banana’s and I know I have you too. This post has no continuity, no rhyme nor reason to it at all. Just the meanderin’ thoughts of a stressed out hillbilly lookin’ for a way out.

Thanks for puttin’ up with me.



11 thoughts on “Another Day

  1. dragonflygypsyusa

    Ha! I do love your writing voice. I have a feeling its probably just like sitting and talking with you face to face. Nic fit? Spent half the day there (no cigarettes) then emptied all the nook and crannies and such. Less crazy now! 😉
    Any who…ramble away, hillbilly!


    1. Tim Taylor Post author

      You’re right, I type just like I talk lol and I got a save, my brother brought me some so now I got my fix lol


      1. dragonflygypsyusa

        Used to be…in a different time and space. Haven’t watched in forever, though just added “dark ?” (shit. Can’t remember the name. Sorry. It if Trek tough) to my Netflix queue


      2. Tim Taylor Post author

        I can’t remember it either but like you I used to be a big Trek fan. Saw every episode, had almost all the books, so on and so forth.


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