My New Gadget


If I had to pick one of three new cool gadgets it would hands down have to be a time machine. I wrote a blog not too long ago about this very subject: If I Could Turn Back TIme.

I have this fascination with time and a desire to go back in time a revisit my past. There are so many things I would like to have a “do over” on, or just to live a carefree happy life of a child.

That however brings up the subject of how my life would be today if I did change things or do/not do certain things.

For instance, if I could go back in time with the knowledge I have now and remember everything that has happened in my life, would my first wife still be alive today, knowing what was going to happen could I have changed the outcome? If so, I wouldn’t have my precious son Connor now ’cause my first wife and I would still be married. Or would we?

Perhaps go back a little further to my teenage years. Would I have worked harder, saved more and if so what would I have today? Would I have started smoking and drinking? Don’t get me wrong here ya’ll, I don’t drink that much, I used to but not now.

There are so many questions and variables that are brought out concerning time travel, but hey, it would be fun as all get out to try it. Admit it, if someone told you they had a time machine and you could go back to any time you wanted to, you would jump at the chance, regardless of the consequences.

That’s the new gadget I would want, call me crazy but there you have it.

Thanks for readin’.



Response to The Daily Post.


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5 thoughts on “My New Gadget

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