Great Expectations

Response to The Daily Post

Great Expectations, well, I don’t really have any. I’m old enough to accept the fact that they are just like the book. You get your hopes up and then suddenly you’re let down. I can’t live with them anymore.

I used to be a big dreamer, had plans to do all sorts of things with my life, but then reality set in and now I’m forced to live my life according to others expectations instead of my own.

I suppose if I have to have an expectation for this daily prompt it would have to be success for my blog and website. I want them to be widely accepted by, not only the community here on wordpress but worldwide.

I would like to see my blog get lots and lots of followers and my website get a lot of visitors. I know however that both will take a lot of work on my part and that’s OK with me. Sometimes I just need to find the TIME to put into them, that can be difficult.

So there you have it, my Great Expectation for the year.

Thanks for readin’.




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