If I Could Turn Back Time


That would be nice wouldn’t it? To be able to turn the clocks back to a time of your choosing? I’ve thought about this and I can’t decide when I would turn it back to, the 80′s or my childhood.

My childhood was great and my friends even greater. We had so much fun and all we had to play with was outside. Oh sure, we had a few toys and such but most of them were designed to be played with outside, but the most fun was had without toys. Sticks became our guns and our imagination took us to many many places. We were super heroes and villains, the worlds greatest  army, even The Dukes of Hazzard. We made do with what we had and we were happy to have it.

There was no such thing as Playstations, X-boxes, cell phones, personal computers. We didn’t spend all our time with a smartphone plastered to our faces. We were out in the woods. we were playing ball or some other game, sometimes we even made games up. And we were HAPPY.

The 80′s on the other hand were when I came of age, fell in love for the first time, learned about life and grew up. I got my first job and my first car in the 80′s. I found out I liked the taste of beer and I was HAPPY! I still had most of my friends that I grew up with and we got into trouble together, learned life lessons together and had fun. Work was just a distraction then, not an obligation, although we knew we had to do it. I had a friend that went off to the National Guard and we missed him terribly until he got out of basic training, (he tried to talk me into going in with him, that didn’t work out). The night he got back we chased them down and kidnapped him from his mom and dad. That was just one of many adventures we had.

So in retrospect I still can’t decide. I get nostalgic just thinking about both periods in my life and wish I could revisit both, but we all know that can’t be and they will forever be relegated to memory.

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PUBLISHED: April 5, 2014

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4 thoughts on “If I Could Turn Back Time

  1. traceymoonsparkle

    Tim I TOTALLY get what you mean. I chuckled to myself re the Dukes of Hazard reference…I think my first blog post featured a nostalgic nod to Fantasy Island. I miss being a kid some days so much…that’s why I make art and teach drama and creative-play and am writing story-books for children now…I am very blessed in that way…they keep me young at heart and I try to teach them that their imagination is their greatest gift of all…oh yeah…and not to be in too much of a hurry to ‘grow-up’….thank you for your post…


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