Decisions, Decisions

DSC_0390_Iván_Melenchón_Serrano_MorgueFile I am experiencing a conundrum. To have a Static Page or not. It seems to me that all websites should have a static page but then again a blog really isn’t a website, per se. Oh, you can make a website here on wordpress but there is a fundamental difference between a full blown website and a blog.

But I like the static page option for my blog. That’s my conundrum. Would you, the reader, prefer to land on a static page and then have to navigate to the post page or would you rather land on the post page to begin with?

I know that ultimately it’s up to me and what I want to do, but another part of me, the part that likes to please people (blame it on my hillbilly roots) want’s to make my blog more pleasant to you.

So I’m askin’ for your opinion on this matter. Leave a comment and let me know what you think, what you as the reader would rather do. Static or Post page? I’ll be anxiously waiting for your responses.

Thanks for readin’ and for your input.


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8 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. mewhoami

    It depends on the layout of the blog. If the blog is easy to maneuver through, then I prefer going straight to the posts. However, I’ve thought about making my “about” page a static page, since that’s normally the first place I visit on new blogs. I think overall though, most people like to see the most recent posts.


  2. Topaz

    As you said, it’s really up to your own personal preference. I, for one, don’t really mind landing on a static or posts page. If you really can’t decide, flipping a coin will always do the trick! 😉


  3. The Indecisive Eejit

    Late to the party as always, but I made it none the less.
    Me personally I prefer landing on the posts. A couple of my friends have static pages and then are so many categories that I get a bit lost trying to find what it is I need lol
    I’ve been experimenting with the more button on the May blog and I quite like how it looks, just little summaries of each post.
    Loving this look though 🙂


    1. Tim Taylor Post author

      I too have been sporadically using the “More” option, especially in the rare case of a long winded post. I kinda like it :o)



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