An Explanation

I feel like I owe you, my reader, an explanation about what’s been going on with me over the last couple of weeks. As to why I have 3 blogs named The Hillbilly Blogger.

It all started with my original blog Ye Olde Dante. I had been fiddlin’ around with it, tweakin’ it and made a few posts on it when I decided I wanted something more. I wanted more control over my blog and I wanted a website so I went to and bought me a domain, and proceeded to build a self hosted WordPress blog there. I got it just the way I wanted it, spent hours tweakin’ it, addin’ plug ins, gettin’ it just right. Then I discovered that in order to participate in The Daily Post and Blogging U and other things here on I had to have a blog, to my dismay self hosted blogs wouldn’t work.

So then I turned back to Ye Olde Dante and renamed it The Hillbilly Blogger Too, spent some time workin’ on it, posted a few posts on it but I still wasn’t satisfied ’cause the address didn’t match the blog name, I’m picky like that.

So then this one, The Hillbilly Blogger was born, I got an address that I can live with and is close enough to the blog name, so I’m satisfied with that. I can participate in The Daily Post and Blogging U using the blog name that I really like and I can use the header that I created on the template, it fits nicely.

The only thing I don’t like about this whole fiasco is I feel like I’m jerkin’ my followers around and confusing you, especially the ones that have been with me since Ye Olde Dante. For that I am truly sorry but rest assured, this is the last one and once I get all my followers on the same blog, then I’ll be happy

So there you have it, my craziness explained. Thank you for following The Hillbilly Blogger, you make this ole hillbilly a happy man.

Thanks for readin’.


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7 thoughts on “An Explanation

      1. Tim Taylor Post author

        I’ve been reading your blog, I find it very interesting and very well written. I also followed you ๐Ÿ™‚


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