Hearts Entwined

Response to The Daily Post

It was love at first sight. I met her at Food Lion, where we both worked. She was soon to be my wife and her name was Jennifer. I knew from the time I saw her we would be together forever.

Our manager introduced us by having us work together on Christmas decorations for the store. It didn’t take long for us to realize we had an instant connection, a common bond. She was everything I had been looking for in a woman and I knew from the first moment that I had to have her as mine and I believe she felt the same way.

It wasn’t too long after that first encounter that we went on our first date and for me the deal was sealed. When I looked into her eyes I was hopelessly lost, I was enthralled with her every word and action. I could not pull myself away from her and I didn’t even wanna try to. It soon became apparent she had me wrapped around her delicate finger.

Time passed, we got married and had a son. Life was exceptionally wonderful. Oh we had our rough patches but we never went to bed mad at each other, we would sit up all night if we had to to get something worked out. At first we were your typical newly married couple, struggling to make it, living from paycheck to paycheck and mainly living on love, which we did well.

The connection we had at the beginning was never lost, in fact I still feel it today, a part of my heart will always belong to her, even though she is no longer with us. God had a higher purpose for her and me and our son made it. He is now living in Kansas, married and has a good job. He’s a grown man now and doing just fine.

I have never had that special kind of a connection again that I had with her. There have been other women in my life since her, I tried to move on and live my life and I still have feelings for some of them, but the instant, one of a kind connection I had with Jennifer has never been repeated and prolly never will be.

Thanks for readin’.


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