A Pet Peeve

Ok, I said I wasn’t gonna be on much today … I lied. I went to the store like I said I was gonna do. On the way I got behind a slow car. Now wait, before you say anything. You must keep in mind that the roads where I live are 2 lane curvy roads, not many places to pass a slow vehicle.

Now, two cars ahead of me was a Mustang, keep that in mind, a MUSTANG. Two cars ahead of it was a large, fully loaded semi truck. I can understand the truck going slow, that’s a natural thing to be expected, but the truck was going FASTER than the Mustang. We were going 35 and 40 miles an hour, a MUSTANG!!

There is no sense what-so-ever for something like that to happen, a MUSTANG!! I have a big pet peeve about that but it being a Mustang makes it even worse. They’re muscle cars for cryin’ out loud, made to go fast, faster than 35 miles a freakin’ hour, and no, it wasn’t rainin’ or snowin’. No reason at all for such slow ass drivin’.

I don’t know if the person drivin’ the Mustang was old, feeble or just being over cautious but it seriously got on  my nerves. If you can’t go any faster than that, on a 55 mile and hour road, then get off the freakin’ road.

OK, I have fussed enough for now I think. If not I’ll post something else later.

Thanks for readin’.


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